Bihaan Instruments Brochure


    Bihaan Music Instrumental Section we started recently from 2013.  But our team has experienced a lot with Skilled Craftsmanship. Our inspiration to built the manufacturing unit is our artist friends and their student, and to provide them easier way their Musical instruments everywhere in globe. Our goal to supply musical Instruments without compromise on raw Materials in cheap and reasonable rate, we maintain the range for Student Quality, standard and Professional quality. Best Items are Harmonum, Tabla, Sitar, Sarod. Also  Violin,  Mandoline,  Guitar and others musical instruments and Accessories and Fiber Glass Covers are available. Bihaan Music is earnestly trying to bring it to the notice of the present generation a taste of Indian Traditional Music. Bihaan Music has stepped into eleventh year of its journey, starting from August 2003.The company is a production and marketing house of audio and visual products.In the present competitive market, quality maintenance of a product is very necessary.To upgrade the product quality, a good amount of fund is invested for best quality raw materials.Physical Marketing of BIHAAN MUSIC throughout India is done with the help of retail and distribution outlets and extensive participation of stall set-ups in all major Music Conferences of the countrty.On the other hand, Global Marketing is based on specific importers and online portals.